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Our Vision: A new generation of surgical simulation

To give medical doctors access to training in a risk-free and high-quality virtual environment before they treat patients, that is our goal. In order to make surgical simulation so realistic that it has as much value for medical doctors as flight simulation already has for pilots, we are always willing to run the extra mile.

Core competence and a platform for medical simulation

SenseGraphics has developed a powerful extended simulation platform with many essential features specifically designed for medical simulation. Breathtaking graphics and visual effects, realistic physical behaviour, photo realistic anatomical 3D structures created from real patient data and immersive haptic feedback – all that takes medical simulation to the next level. It’s our passion!

Coming soon… to a simulator near you

Tell us, where you want to go and we’ll take you there! Whether you look for a complete simulator or just components that you can expand and develop by yourself – our solution for you will be tailor-made and perfectly fitting your needs.

SenseGraphics has proven to be a strong and reliable development partner for many medical virtual reality simulators. Successful products, research projects and implementations speak for themselves. Go for it! Take a look at our References page for additional information.