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What we offer

SenseGraphics develops next generation medical simulator software for a wide range of surgical procedures. It is used in simulators for training surgeons in various fields such as robotic surgery, eye surgery, dentistry, ultrasound interpretation and anesthesia. The simulators combine the latest technologies in realtime graphics rendering as well as advanced force feedback to allow the surgeons to have an experience that is as close to reality as possible.

Our surgical simulation fits like a glove

SenseGraphics provides tailor-made solutions based on their premium medical simulation software platform. Organized in a modular and flexible system, SenseGraphics arranges exactly the service that is needed to get optimal and high-class results:

  • Your company’s branding and design
  • Full access to the source code
  • Planning and accomplishment of the complete software simulation development
  • Assistance to create desired products
  • Customized development
  • Customer’s participation in the development
  • Building your simulation in close collaboration with your and our team members
  • Training of customer’s engineers
  • Guidance and support of customer’s engineers during development process
  • Acquisition of matching partners for hardware development

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